The brand for sensuality and vitality 

Feel the spirit of Ibiza and experience, for what the magic island stands: Love and sensuality, fun, beauty, wellness and contemplation.

About us


IBIZASPIRIT is a registered european trademark. It was created by the vision to bring the love of live and the spirit of the beautiful spanish island Ibiza to the heart of many people by licensing the brand for trendy and exciting consumer products and various services.

We mainly grant exclusive and non-exclusive licenses for Yoga- and Wellness Clothing, Sensual Underwear and Fitness Drinks as well as for various services around your products and events.

How you can create added value and increase your customer sales with the licence of our brand:

  • Bring additional emotions into your products and give them more sensuality and the spirit of the magic island, which is particulary popular among the buyers of our licensed products.
  • Use the protected brand for the marketing of your events and various services around your products.
  • Benefit from the increasing publicity by other licensees and our strong marketing support.
  • You can be part of our mission, which is to realize long-term and successful business relationships, to create enjoyment of life at our common customers and to serve the preservation of our beautiful planet.
  • Part of our license income therefore flows into the promotion of special environmental projects, which still will be listed on this website.

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Contact address

Christof Steinhauser
Tannenweg 1
9472 Grabs
Tel: +41 78 72 77 341